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The Playstation Vue channel list has grown quite a bit from when I first started this website! I don’t want to mislead anyone, they have deleted a few channels, but the list of new channels far outweighs the list of deleted channels.

A reminder, Playstation Vue has four subscription levels. The first level, Access is $44.99 per month and has 48 channels. The second level, Core is $49.99 per month with 74 channels. The third level, Elite is $59.99 per month with 95 channels. The fourth and top level, Ultra is $79.99 a month and has 99 channels. The way everything in the cable/satellite world is set up, the Playstation Vue is virtually the same! They make the lowest tier appetizing enough to get your interest. Then, they make the second tier a little better, and so on and so on! No difference with Playstation Vue, you get the first tier, 48 channels for about $45. The second tier, you get 26 more channels for $5. The third tier you get 21 more quality channels for $10. The top tier you get HBO and Showtime for $20 more. Each step is a much better deal, and if you are like me, you add all the sports channels for $10 more! With the Sports Package and Elite tier, I now have 139 channels, including alternates.

The deleted channels

Starting with the bad news first, I have lost a few channels since I became a PlayStation Vue subscriber and it deserves a mention here. There have been five channels that have been deleted, Hi-Yah, MGM HD, Decades, Impact and Velocity. MGM HD was by far the best of this group! It draws from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library of approximately 1,200 movies. Some of the best movies ever made included in this group, all in HD and I loved watching this channel. But MGM’s movies can be accessed from a dozen or more other free channels on Roku and several channels on Playstation VUE, so no big loss.

Hi-Yah is just what it sounds like, it is an all martial arts channel. I like martial arts movies and shows, but 24/7, nope! Again, I can get my share of martial arts anywhere else.

Velocity is about cars, fast cars! Well that was replaced by the new Playstation Vue channel Motor Trend. I never watched Velocity on Dish or Playstation Vue, for that matter, I haven’t watched the Motor Trend channel either. But if you like that kind of thing, Velocity is available for free through Roku, Amazon and other streaming platforms, or you could just watch Motor Trend!

Decades was a pretty good channel, it was old TV shows. It was replaced by Start TV, which mainly airs classic television drama series from the 1980s through the 2000s, with a focus on dramas, police and legal procedurals geared toward female audiences. Playstation Vue also has Cozi TV, which carries old seventies and eighties TV shows, like Emergency, Dragnet, Adam-12, etc, therefore I didn’t really need Decades.

Impact channel, I honestly cannot tell you what was on it, I never watched it, and can’t even google it! It must have been really bad!

The New Channels on Playstation Vue

The best change/addition in Playstation Vue is they now have live NBC, ABC and Fox. They used to have the three only on demand, but now you watch all three live, DVR your favorite shows, and as with all the live TV on Playstation Vue, pause, rewind, etc. Oh and everything is still on demand. How cool is that!

Playstation Vue has increased it Sports Package dramatically. When I first started up with PlayStation Vue’s Sports Package, it was to watch NFL Redzone. I was even going to cancel the Sports Package during the NFL offseason (yes, you can cancel without penalty, unlike the satellite/cable companies), because there was only a half dozen sports channels available. Today that is different, you now have three Fox College channels, Atlantic, Central and Pacific, NBCSN, including eight NBC Sports Regional channels, FS1, FS2 and fourteen Fox Sports Regional channels, Big Ten Network, SEC Network, Longhorn Network, Stadium Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, all the ESPN networks, Golf Channel, MLB Network, MLB Strike Zone, NESN National, NBA TV, NFL Network, The Olympic Channel, the YES sports channel, the Tennis channel, Outside TV and last but not the least NFL Redzone!

More sports than you have time to watch, right? I like all the Regional Sports channels, for the fact that when Major League baseball games and NBA games go over their normal time allotment, the blacked out games “Blacked Out” sign goes away and the game is now on your screen. That is when I want to watch them anyway at the end of the game. They have college football and basketball, pro football, baseball, basketball and hockey, golf, tennis, everything pretty well covered.

Comet is a new channel that is pretty interesting for science fiction fans, it carries a lot of the old syfy movies and shows. Playstation Emerging Filmmakers Program is interesting, it is a platform to pitch new show ideas to Sony. Tastemade offers food and travel related programming. Baby TV is just as you would suspect, a television channel for babies, toddlers, and parents. The Cheddar channel was a live streaming financial news network with live broadcasts daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, the Flatiron Building in New York City, and the White House lawn and briefing room in Washington, D.C. covering new products, technologies, and services. When Cheddar started broadcasting on PlayStation Vue the channel was split into two channels as Cheddar Business for business and tech news and Cheddar News for headline news.

That leaves one new channel to talk about and I saved the best for last, the Smithsonian Channel! The Smithsonian Channel brings original programs exploring science, nature, and pop culture to your TV. if you graduated from high school in the seventies, it is all the movies that we watched in school from the 6th through the 12th grade. It is TV shows that arouse your curiosity, makes you wonder, “how in the hell do they do that?” it is shows, that take you on the vacations you always dreamed about! It is shows that look at history and bring new insights to things that happened fifty or more years ago. It is one of my favorite channels!.

Playstation Vue just keeps getting better!

One of the biggest reasons I prefer Playstation Vue over the cable/satellite companies, is there isn’t over a hundred channels that I will never watch. When we had Dish Network we got 250 or so channels, but over half of them I never turned on, just wasted space. Oh there are channels I will never turn on, on Playstation Vue, maybe ten or fifteen! So what do you want to do, throw away the extra $50 to $100 a month for a TV platform that you won’t even watch half of the channels, or do you want PlayStation Vue?

Again, I hope this has helped you with your decision about where to go to watch TV. One thing is for certain, it is not cable or satellite. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Mark Piper


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