by Mark Piper | 10:52 pm

Playstation Vue Today!

The Playstation Vue channel list has grown quite a bit from when I first started this website! I don’t want to mislead anyone, they have deleted a few channels, but the list of new

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by Mark Piper | 5:57 am

Stranger Things TV Series

The next show I want to introduce on Netflix is a combination, science fiction, horror story, ah, two of my favorite genres. The Stranger Things TV series first season, first aired in July 2016.

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by Mark Piper | 12:25 pm

Getting Started with Roku

When I got my Roku media player, I opened the box and looked for the instructions. Well guess what, there aren’t any instructions, other than the obvious, how to hook it up. Hooking it

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by Mark Piper | 12:20 pm

Best Media Streamers for TV

When I bought my first Smart TV several years back, I thought that was the cat’s meow! My new Smart TV wasn’t only a TV, it was a computer, amongst many other things. I

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by Mark Piper | 4:52 am

Best Alternatives to Cable TV – Saving Money

The best alternatives to cable TV are plentiful these days! As cable and satellite TV prices climbed into the stratosphere, new ways to compete with them have popped up. Streaming devices, Roku, Amazon Fire

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by Mark Piper | 4:42 am

About Mark

Hello, my name is Mark Piper and I would like to welcome you to my website and thank you in advance for visiting. I have always been a strong believer in the Latin phrase,

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