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Hello, my name is Mark Piper and I would like to welcome you to my website and thank you in advance Family Picturefor visiting. I have always been a strong believer in the Latin phrase, “Caveat emptor,” let the buyer beware. I have always looked for the best price on things, and when I needed to make a relatively big purchase, I have studied it to the best of my abilities, with the resources I had available. On this website, I will share with you, information I have found in my research to make my decisions and help you make decisions on purchasing things, beginning first with cable, satellite, or streaming television.

Loyalty only goes so far

I was with Dish Network for twenty years. Back in 1998, I got mad at Comcast with their constant rate increases and poor picture quality. I would complain to them about the poor picture I was getting on my television and all they wanted to do was troubleshoot the problem over the phone. Well that was getting me nowhere quick. I called Dish Network to see what they could do for me and they set me up with their best package that had everything but the major movie channels. I was quite the happy customer until my wife informed me recently, how much we were paying for Dish Network.

So it was time to do some research. Direct TV wasn’t the answer, like Dish they had a low cost introductory package, but after the first year, it was going to be much more than Dish and I would be losing some channels that I loved, including a ton of sports programming. That, plus I was locked into them for two years, same as Dish Network. So that wouldn’t work either.

Let’s Go Streaming

TV is probably the most important entertainment medium we have in this world. But, there has to be a better way than satellite or cable. My main Christmas gift a year ago was a Roku Streamer. Um, I think we might have something here. I became addicted to Netflix, but that wasn’t the complete answer. I still wanted my shows on Discovery, Nat Geo, and others. I discovered PlayStation Vue and it has been the answer.

I Save money with PlayStation Vue and more

I am stickler when it comes to saving money or getting the best product for the money. I really do mySaving Money homework before making a decision on a big purchase. I love Consumer Reports, I have used them many times to buy televisions, washers and dryers, cars, etc. I clip coupons for going to the grocery store and I use coupons for restaurants, too. When something is on sale, I stock up.

I have saved money through the years and now I want to help others save time and money by letting me do the research and passing on my knowledge to you

All the best,

Mark Piper



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